What does Rotex do in District 1870?

Teenagers who had the chance to participate in the Rotary Youth Exchange Program normally return with many newly gained experiences and impressions. We want to pass these on to the following generations. Through our commitment we want to help keeping the quality of Rotary Youth Exchange at its current high level.

Our work is mainly about supporting and advising the exchange students who are in District 1870 (Inbounds) as well as preparing future exchange students who decide to spend a year abroad (Outbounds). Our aim is to make the Inbounds’ stay in Germany as exciting and diversified as possible and to prepare the Outbounds as well as possible for the year ahead of them. Therefore, we organize several weekends for Inbounds, Outbounds and the returned Rebounds.

As the Rotary Youth Exchange Program counts on German parents to be hosting a teenager from abroad we also advise them on being a host family. We mainly try to support host families in simplifying their exchange student’s integration in Germany. In case of questions or possible problems in the beginning with the foreign visitor we try to liaise and help.

Our guiding principle sums our tasks up the best: Who could be more qualified to answer questions, to support and to offer tips and tricks about Youth Exchange than someone who participated him-/herself?

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